Fort Amherst Ghost Hunt

Fort Amherst

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9pm to 3am


Located in Chatham, Kent, Fort Amherst was constructed in 1756 to protect the southeastern approaches to the Chatham Dockyard coast and to disrupt any French invasion party heading towards London.

Fort Amherst was built as the result of a devastating attack from the Dutch in 1667, which lead to thirteen ships being destroyed and two being stolen which included the flagship of the fleet ‘The Royal Charles’.

During the Napoleonic wars, the fort’s defences were increased significantly by workers who were made up mostly of prisoners who were forced to carry out the work.

Since being open to the public in 1983 there have been frequent reports, almost daily, of paranormal activity at Fort Amherst. From shadow figures, to sounds of children and women crying and not to forget reports of soldiers being seen in the lower gun floor.

With all this history it’s no wonder why this is classed as one of the most haunted locations in Kent!

Fort Amherst Ghost Hunt

Fort Amherst




Khartoum Road Chatham Kent ME4 4UB