Kelvedon Hatch Ghost Hunt

Kelvedon Hatch

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Saturday 7th March



Book now to join us on an overnight ghost hunt at this extremely haunted location!

Located in Brentwood, South Essex. Kelvedon Hatch seems at first sight to be a small innocent cottage but don’t be fooled, this bunker has a big secret!

Below Kelvedon Hatch lies a 3-floor secret nuclear bunker that expands 38meters below ground and once inside extents up to 91 metres in length. It is in these terrifying tunnels where apparitions and poltergeist activity have been witnessed on many paranormal investigations.

Constructed in 1952, Kelvedon Hatch’s purpose was to increase Britain’s air defence network against the Russians and the bunker once housed up to 600 personnel who would work here 3 months at a time. During the building of the Kelvedon Hatch an ancient burial ground was discovered and disturbed which could be behind some of the many hauntings here.

Some of the reported hauntings include a RAF officer who is known to roam the tunnels like he’s still on duty and a foreman who went missing on his shift was suspected to have accidentally fell into the concrete pour and buried alive.

It’s no wonder why with all this documented paranormal activity that Kelvedon Hatch ghost hunts have featured on TV programmes such as Most Haunted and Great British Ghosts!

Kelvedon Hatch Ghost Hunt

Kelvedon Hatch




Crown Buildings Kelvedon Hall Lane Brentwood Essex CM15 OLA