Hellfire Caves Ghost hunt

Hellfire Caves

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6pm - 12:00 am


Psychic medium Steve Corbett attending!

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As seen on hit TV programmes Ghost Adventures And Most Haunted

The Hellfire caves are regarded as one of the most haunted locations in the whole of UK. With its dark history and former home to the HellFire Club who were reported to carry out satanic rituals, murders, black magic and devil worshiping in the caves Inner Temple it’s no wonder why this location is a cauldron of paranormal activity.

The Hellfire caves are made from chalk and flint. They were dug by hand and run up to a quarter of a mile underground, to this day you can still see individual pick axe marks!

The Inner Temple where the ‘meetings’ of the Hellfire Club were held is several hundred feet deep and to be situated directly beneath the St Lawrence Church. This was done to signify the church being Heaven and the Inner Temple being Hell.

There are many spirits and ghost to haunt the hellfire caves. Haunted Ventures have personally witnessed poltergeist activity with stones being thrown, disembodied voices, unexplained moving mists and extreme sudden drops in temperature.

There have also been many reports of the spirit of Benjamin Franklin who was a regular visitor the Hellfire caves in the 1950’s to haunt the caves alongside Paul Whitehead who was once a steward of the Hellfire Club.

Not all paranormal activity is said to be just from the Hellfire club themselves. There is also sightings of a young girl who is believed to be a spirt called Suki. Suki was lured to the caves by who she thought was a local handsome man, but when Suki arrived she was shocked to be met by three men and not the person she thought. Its reported she threw stones at the men while they laughed at her. The men retaliated by throwing them back with one of them knocking Suki unconscious. She died the next morning from the result of her injuries.

Hellfire Caves Ghost hunt

Hellfire Caves




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