Fort Horsted Ghost Hunt

Fort Horsted

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7pm -1am


As seen on hit TV show “Ghost Adventures”!

Built by a convict labour force in 1880 Fort Amherst purpose was to defend the UK from the increasing threat of invasion from France and Germany.

The Fort is located in Chatham, Kent and constructed in the shape of a six-sided arrow head, with each flank protected by machines guns in the counterscarp galleries. It had once been home to a garrison of approximately 400 men and women.

There have been many different reports of hauntings at the Fort, from shadow figures seen walking the tunnels to voices of a little girl being heard.

Come join us to investigate this extremely haunted location and find out what haunts Fort Horsted and why even the security guards refuse to patrol some of the areas!

Fort Horsted Ghost Hunt

Fort Horsted




Fort Horsted Primerose Close Chatham Kent ME4 6HZ