Margam Castle Ghost Hunt

Margam Castle

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Saturday 6th June



As seen on hit TV programmes Most haunted and Paranormal lockdown!

The Haunted Ventures team have experienced poltergeist activity on many of our ghost hunts here

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Located in Port Talbot, South Wales. Margam Castle is an eerie Tudor Gothic mansion that gives even the most experienced paranormal investigators the chills at first sight.

This Grade I listed building was constructed between 1830 and 1840 which contains spectacular features such as the castles main grand stair case. There has been reports of a woman being seen looking over the balcony whilst visitors have been making their way up this staircase.

The land in which Margam Castle is situated on goes back as far as 4000 years. The surrounding hills are also considered to be sacred with reports of ancient tribes burying their dead here.

We have personally experienced poltergeist activity at this location, with rocks and glasses being thrown at us whilst we have been investigating. We have also witnessed peoples mental state being affected to a point where they have had to leave the area and have been too afraid to return.

Children have also been witnessed moving mischievously around the castle accompanied by the sound of giggling.

Many people suspect that some of the hauntings are due to the murdered Gamekeeper Robert Scott who was shot by a poacher in 1898 who is in rage about his untimely and unjust death.

The castle is also said to be cursed, supposedly because Christopher Mansel Talbot (the castle owner) used parts of the dismantled abbey to build his home. Local legend says that this curse has brought tragedy onto the family, who all died out with their wealth being squandered.

With tales of death, despair and even a family curse this is an event not to be missed!

Margam Castle Ghost Hunt

Margam Castle




Margam Castle Margam County Park Port Talbot Wales SA13 2TJ