About Us

Here at Haunted Ventures we are passionate about the paranormal. With our many years of experience and research development, we aim to provide you with the best chance of gathering evidence whilst experiencing real life investigations.

Haunted Ventures thoroughly researches each location before events are held to ensure all historic facts of the location are as correct and accurate as possible. We believe this is a crucial part to investigating authentic paranormal behaviour as not only does this help us be as efficient and effective as possible during the event but also increases our chances of gathering paranormal evidence.

Along with our countless amount of equipment, we also use traditional methods of investigating such as Ouija boards, Table Tipping and Glasswork etc. and when applicable a Physic Medium will also be in attendance to add another approach to the investigation.

At Haunted Ventures, we cannot express enough how authentic and genuine our events are; at no point will any material be used to stage paranormal activity. This means that paranormal evidence cannot be guaranteed at our events; however we would rather you find a lack of evidence than experience something fabricated. This means that when something does happen, as it often does at our events, you can be confident that through the excessive research done by our team of the location, it is completely genuine.

Come and join us and experience the paranormal that awaits!

The Haunted Ventures team look forward to welcoming you at our next event!