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Become A Ghost Hunter For The Night In London, UK

Do you love a good mystery? Does the paranormal intrigue you? Have you always had the feeling that ghosts exist, but never quite had the evidence to prove it?

Haunted Ventures gives you the opportunity to tick all these boxes with the best ghost hunting events all over the UK. At our hunts, you will visit some of the most haunted locations in the London, UK and conduct in-depth investigations.

Who Are We?

Haunted Ventures is committed to providing ghost hunting activities for everyone. All of our events follow the highest standards of professionalism and commitment to genuine ghost hunting.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or completely new to paranormal investigation, we are equally as committed to providing the best possible experience to allow you to experience every haunted location to its fullest.

No haunted location left unvisited in London

At Haunted Ventures, we book many events around the year, with each location just as haunted and scary as the last one. We aim to conduct our events at every single well-known haunted location in the UK. Haunted houses, castles, abandoned hospitals, old prisons, inns, and hotels - nothing is off-limits for us. If there’s paranormal activity, we’ll be there to help you investigate it.

Discover some of our ghost hunting locations here.

The best ghost hunting equipment in UK

As a paranormal investigator at one of our events, you deserve the best ghost hunting equipment. That’s why Haunted Ventures has state-of-the-art, modern equipment, as seen on programs such as 'Ghost Adventures' and 'Most Haunted'.

EMF meters, ambient temperature measurement devices, Mel Meters, Rempods, motion sensors, recording devices including the best cameras and digital voice recorders - we’ve got it all.

We also have the most reputable psychics at our events and use traditional ghost hunting methods such as Ouija boards, table tipping, and glasswork. If the location you’re investigating is haunted, our events will give you the best possible chance to gather convincing evidence.

An authentic paranormal hunt

At Haunted Ventures, we take ghost hunting very seriously. Our team does not, under any circumstances, stage paranormal activity in the form of stooges, props, sound effects or the like. Everything you see or don’t see is completely real. It is our policy to provide a genuine ghost hunting experience - one we always promise to uphold.

You’re never alone in the hunt

It can get very intense at a ghost hunt. Not everyone deals with paranormal activity in the same way. Our team understands this and is always there for you.

Every one of our team members is amicable, understanding and ready to help you at all times. You’ll never be forced to take part in an activity you’re not comfortable with and can stop at any time. Sometimes you just need a helping hand before you get back into the hunt. Whatever it is you need, you’re never alone at one of our events. Our team is always ready to help and listen to you.

Book your tickets now

We have several planned events you can explore here. We advise you to book your tickets as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions regarding our events, feel free to get in touch with us. You can call 07546 224 393 or email us at with one of your queries.